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Public Policy Network/Oxfam Conference

Public Policy Network/Oxfam Conference: A Conference in partnership between the University of Edinburgh's Public Policy Network and Oxfam Scotland
Speaker: Various
Date and Time
10th Sep 2010 09:00 10th Sep 2010 17:00
John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

Making the most of Scotland's Aid

Debates on Aid Effectiveness

A conference in partnership between the University of Edinburgh's Public Policy Network and Oxfam Scotland

Friday 10 September, John McIntyre Conference Centre, The University of Edinburgh

Delivering quality aid is of prime importance to both donors and recipients of aid. Oxfam Scotland and the University of Edinburgh's Public Policy Network invite you to join the discussion. This one-day event offers you the opportunity to explore debates about what makes for effective aid in theory and in practice, and what this means for Scotland's present and future role as a donor nation.


Draft Programme:

09.00-09.30 Registration
09.30-09.45 Welcome: Richard Freeman, Director of the Public Policy Network, University of Edinburgh
09.45-10.00 Welcome: Fiona Hyslop MSP, Minister for Culture and External Affairs
10.00-10.45 Aid Effectiveness and Aid Transparency, Karin Christiansen, Director, Publish What You Fund
10.45-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-11.45 How Good Aid Works, Duncan Green, Head of Research, Oxfam
11.45-12.25 Question and Answer session
12.25-13.15 Lunch
13.15-14.30 Workshop 1 (choice of four options)
14.30-14.45 Coffee Break
14.45-16.00 Workshop 2 (choice of four options)
16.00-16.45 Plenary Discussion with Rachel Hayman, Edinburgh University, and Judith Robertson, Oxfam Scotland


Workshops (each workshop will run twice):


Workshop 1: Aid Effectivenss and Small Donors

Facilitators:  Rachel Hayman (The University of Edinburgh) and Tony German (Development Initiatives)

Description: This workshop explores what the aid effectiveness agenda means for small donor nations such as scotland. How relevant are aid effectiveness principles for development practitioners in Scotland? Is our aid effective? What can we add to aid effectiveness debates?


Workshop 2: Public Action and Influencing Change

Facilitator: Duncan Green (Head of Research at Oxfam and author of From Poverty to Power)

Description: What can we learn from successful examples where citizen action has achieved lasting change? This workshop will review some lessons from Oxfam's own experience and other research to explore the issue of 'how change happens'.


Workshop 3: Research into Practice

Facilitators: Julia Hussein and David Sullivan (University of Aberdeen) and Stephen Mujanja (University of Zimbabwe)

Description: This workshop will explore the effective translation of maternal health research into policy and practice as well as the barriers to implementation, with particular relevance to linkages across a number of millennium development goals. Interactive modalities and case studies will be used to conduct the workshop.


Workshop 4: In-Country Practice

Facilitator: Noreen Khalid, Oxfam Pakistan

Description: What does aid effectiveness mean for those in receipt of it and how does the process of aid delivery affect in-country practice? This workshop explores how to develop poverty reduction programmes with people benefitting from its impact.


Participation costs £10. Registration is now open. Payment can be made at the following url link -


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