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Africa Week 2016 - Debate

Africa Week 2016 - Debate
Introduced by: Dr Ola Uduku # ESALA; Speaker: Dr Francisca Mutapi (Chair) # Inst of Immunology and Infection Res
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Date and Time
7th Oct 2016 12:00 - 7th Oct 2016 14:30
Chrystal Macmillan Building, 6th floor Common Room

Join us for the first Africa debate which will explore the topic, “How can we contribute to strengthening research in Africa?”  Chaired by Dr Francisca Mutapi, of the University’s Institute of Immunology and infection research, and Fellow African Academy of Science, this will be a discussion cum debate about a topic which we will seek answers to, and not just anecdotes and platitudes…  In this final session of the Africa week come and join the critical debate which this forum will seek to engage with.    

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