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Centre of African Studies: Events


PhD Seminars

PhD students in CAS meet fortnightly to disseminate and discuss their research. PhD students in other subject areas such as History, Social Anthropology and Education whose research is based in Africa are also encouraged to attend the seminars.

Attendance is normally restricted to PhD students in order to foster a sense of community and to provide a relaxed forum for students to present their work. Presenters are free, however, to invite experts in their field to the seminar sessions.

Each session begins with a 20-minute presentation by one of the students on an aspect of their research, which often takes the form of a draft thesis chapter, conference paper or journal article. Opportunity is then given for students to ask questions and engage in open discussion. Presentations are not limited to discussions of written work and some students choose to focus on methodological issues, often illustrated with photos and film material taken during their field research.

The list of topics cover a wide range of subjects, reflecting the interdisciplinary character of the Centre. For example, previous presentations have been given on the role of lawyers in colonial Kenya; imaginations of migration in Senegal; supermarkets and local food markets in Zambia; the political structure in present-day South Africa; and pastoral livelihoods in Ormaland, Kenya.

For details, contact Dr Akin Iwilade:

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Freshers 2013