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Will the Future Make Poverty History?

Will the Future Make Poverty History?
Speaker: James Smith # University of Edinburgh
Date and Time
23rd Sep 2009 16:00 23rd Sep 2009 18:00
Seminar Room 2, Chrystal Macmillan Building

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Dr James Smith delivered a public lecture entitled 'Can the future makepoverty history?' to launch his new book, 'Science and Technology forDevelopment', published by Zed Books in August 2009.

"This is one of the rare books I have read which brings out the complex webof relationships among science, technology and development with greatclarity and originality".

Professor M S Swaminathan

Founder and Chairman,M S Swaminathan Foundation

In Science and Technology for Development, James Smith explores the alwayscomplex and sometimes fraught relationship between society and technology,and its potential for making sustainable contributions to globaldevelopment. Drawing on research from Africa, Latin America and Asia, heargues that we need to think carefully about science and its role indevelopment, otherwise the perpetual promise of future technologicalbreakthroughs may simply work to distance meaningful development from thepresent. This book is essential reading for all students and practitionersof development.

Dr James Smith is Acting Director of the Centre for African Studies andDirector of Developing Countries Research at the ESRC Innogen Centre.