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Scottish Collectors and Collecting in Central Africa, 1870–1930

Scottish Collectors and Collecting in Central Africa, 1870–1930
Speaker: Dr Sarah Worden # National Museums Scotland; Speaker: Dr Lawrence Dritsas # University of Edinburgh
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18th Jan 2017 16:00 - 18th Jan 2017 17:30
Hugh Robson Building Lecture Theatre

This on-going project is examining National Museums Scotland’s collections of African objects collected in the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We have identified approximately one thousand objects, mostly associated with Scottish missionaries, which have received very little scholarly attention. In order to understand these objects better we are researching how the objects came into the museum, who collected them, where they were collected and how they were collected. We are studying the objects themselves and any manuscripts, diaries or correspondence left behind by the collectors. Using these same resources we will also study the relationships between the collectors and the Africans who provided the objects. The project will examine how these objects were displayed and therefore how they contributed to the construction of Scottish views of Africa at a time when the British Empire in Africa was expanding.

Dr Sarah Worden, National Museums Scotland

Dr Lawrence Dritsas, University of Edinburgh

Chief Kazembe