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2006 Seminar Series

Programme - Seminar Series 2006

All seminars are held in Faculty Room South, David Hume Tower (4pm – 6pm). ALL WELCOME.

20 September 2006: Dmitri Van den Bersselaar (School of History, University of Liverpool)
Modernity rejected? Marketing of schnapps gin in West Africa, 1945-1970

27 September 2006: Edlyne Anugwom (University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria)
Economic recession and labour conflict resolution under the military: The case of Nigeria

4 October 2006: Andreas Eckert (University of Hamburg, Germany)
Cultural commuters: African employees in late colonial Tanzania

11 October 2006: Nelson Kasfir (Dartmouth College, USA)
When guerrillas govern civilians Joint with the Department of Politics.

18 October 2006: Stig Jensen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Around the campfire: Fighting for survival and nature conservation in Zimbabwe

25 October 2006: Basile Ndjio (University of Yaoundé, Cameroon)
Structural transformation of the civil society in Cameroon: From non-governmental organisations to pro-governmental associations

1 November 2006: Marcel Fafchamps (Department of Economics, University of Oxford)
Intrahousehold welfare: Evidence from Ethiopia

8 November 2006: Derek Peterson (Selwyn College and Centre of African Studies, University of Cambridge)
The intellectual lives of Mau Mau detainees

15 November 2006: Susannah Mayhew (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London)
Population growth, politics and the Millennium Development Goals

22 November 2006: Melissa Leach (Institute of Development Studies, Sussex)
The social shaping of childhood vaccination practice in rural and urban Gambia

29 November 2006 Alcinda Honwana (International Development Centre , Open University)
Child soldiers in Africa

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