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Centre of African Studies: News


CAS Researchers take lead in ICT and Development Research

The work of two CAS researchers has been included in a new report that lists the 20 most influential studies of mobile technologies in developing countries.

The research of Tom Molony, a research fellow in the Centre of African Studies, and Olga Morawczynski, a doctoral student funded through a CAS Microsoft Foundation grant, has been identified by a GSMA Development Fund Report as outstanding examples of social studies of mobile technologies and their impact in developing the livelihoods of poor communities in Africa. Tom's research examines the ways in which small and micro enterprises adopt and benefit from cellular technologies in Africa and Olga's work looks at the rise of mobile banking in Kenya and the effects it has on strengthening rural-urban linkages.

The majority of the other 'top 20' research projects listed in the report have been undertaken by large research teams and senior academics and it is a testament to the quality of their research that two relatively junior members researchers had their work recognised in this way.

The full report can be downloaded from this site: