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New - PhD Scholarship for UK/EU and Overseas Applicants

The Principal's Career Development PhD Scholarships. The University of Edinburgh will offer almost 60 PhD scholarships for students starting their PhD research at the University in the 2010-2011 academic session.

The awards are open to UK, EU and overseas students undertaking a research degree and may be held in any field of study.   In order to attract the best and brightest PhD students, the University of Edinburgh seeks to offer not only unparalleled research facilities and superb supervision, but also to provide development opportunities which will support our research students as they progress beyond their PhD, through an innovative programme of integrated research, training and career development.  Each scholarship will cover the UK/EU rate of tuition fee (c. £3,500 in 2010-2011) as well as a stipend which will increase each year. In 2010-2011 the level of stipend will be £13,500; in 2011-2012 this will increase to £14,000; and in year 3 the level will be £14,500. Subject to satisfactory progress, the awards are tenable for up to three years.

UK and EU applicants should apply as normal to the relevant UK Research Council, while overseas students should apply to the Scottish Overseas Research Students Award Scheme (SORSAS) as well as to other external sources of funding.   

Deadline: 15 March 2010

More information is available here:

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