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Development Studies Association - Scotland Conference

“Development Studies in Africa and South Asia: Cutting across regions and disciplines”

 Development Studies Association - Scotland Conference

Friday, 14 September 2012

University of Edinburgh, Scotland

The main purpose of the conference is to promote a cross-regional and cross-disciplinary dialogue between PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and senior researchers with expert knowledge working in South Asia and Africa. The workshop addresses researchers from all academic disciplines including political science, economics, development studies, sociology, legal studies and social anthropology.

The conference will provide a platform to interrogate the multifarious ways in which research projects are shaped by and adapt to regionalization and the association of specific development problems with particular regions (e.g. HIV/AIDS in Africa, demography in Asia). We invite young researchers to reflect on the influence of regionalization on their and their peers’ research, how it shapes research problems and answers. Are there research questions that are associated with either Asia or Africa? What are the reasons? Is regionalization useful or problematic? What can we learn from development studies in other regions? How can we bridge the regional and disciplinary divide? The workshop will address these questions.

We are planning to have four panels discussing 1) Population dynamics and health, 2) poverty and livelihoods, 3) governance, politics and projects, and 4) the movement of people, things and ideas. Each panel will bring together researchers with a focus on Africa and South Asia respectively. These topics are merely preliminary to indicate possible discussions and will be adjusted depending on the participants’ research interests.


We invite PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to submit a 300-word abstract outlining how their research speaks to these themes. In addition, we invite several senior researchers from Scottish universities to give feedback on the presentations and input for the general discussion.

Confirmed discussants: Prof Ian Taylor (University of St. Andrews), Dr Ian Harper (University of Edinburgh)

Please contact us:,

Extended deadline for abstracts: 20 July 2012

Gerhard Anders (Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh)
Jeevan R. Sharma (Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh)

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