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Innovative Poster Forum in African Distance Learning Programme


On Wednesday February 22, students from four continents will be participating in an online poster presentation session on the topic of Visually Representing ‘Regulation’ and ‘Criminalisation’ in Africa: Mapping Multiple Perceptions of Multilayered Challenges. This is being organised as part of the Postgraduate Certificate in Africa and International Development, an innovative distance learning programme that brings together students from around the world in a range of online seminars and virtual classroom forums.

Through live video interaction on skype, the students’ poster presentations will examine contemporary media representations of regulation, illegality and criminalisation in Africa. The seminar will be facilitated by Sam Spiegel, a lecturer at the Centre of African Studies who earlier in the course provided students with a 3-part video lecture series on the theme of Regulation, Criminalisation and Inequality: Situating Resource Struggles in Africa, linking the course readings and a rap music video with his field research in small-scale mining communities and experiences advising United Nations organisations in Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

In advance of the poster forum, the students analysed newspaper articles, academic texts and created visual “mind map” diagrams to illustrate and explore a plurality of perspectives on contemporary regulatory controversies. Each student in the poster forum will present different themes and theoretical debates, including the following presentations:

- ‘Mapping the Politics of Child Labour in Burkina Faso’
- ‘Mapping Links Between Oil Pipelines and Conflict in Sudan’
- ‘Mapping the Eviction of Mogadishu Squatters in Somalia’
- ‘Mapping the Criminalisation of Rhino Hunting in South Africa’
- ‘Mapping Perceptions of Somali Pirates and the Hijacking of Vessels’

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