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Centre of African Studies: News


CAS to offer Swahili

Swahili language courses at CAS from September 2013

CAS will be offering Swahili 1A and Swahili 1B language courses as credit-bearing options for the M.Sc. in African Studies. Approval for both these beginners' courses was granted at the most recent meeting of the University of Edinburgh Graduate School of Social and Political Science's Board of Studies. The teaching of Swahili 1A will begin in September 2013, followed by Swahili 1B in January 2014.

The courses will be taught by highly-qualified Swahili tutors. Interactive lectures will form the backbone of the courses, along with tutorials based on an innovative, custom-made workbook. These will be supplemented with conversation classes with native speakers. After taking Swahili 1A and Swahili 1B, students will be equipped with a working knowledge of everyday Swahili to aid travel, work and research in East and Central Africa.

For further details, please contact the M.Sc. in African Studies programme director, Thomas Molony, at
Grad School