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New Publication!!

Issue 6.1 of Critical African Studies is now published!

The articles within this issue offer new empirical contributions to our understandings of neopatrimonialism and how development practitioners can navigate their relationship with the state to pursue their goals. The editorial situates the articles within the wider debate that has emerged in recent years about 'developmental patrimonialism' and the contributions offer important insights from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Sierra Leone. 

Available online at or via the usual library ejournal access routes.


Alex Beresford
Editor, Critical African Studies

CrAS Editorial Board:

Alexander Beresford - University of Leeds; Lizelle Bisschoff - University of Glasgow; Joost Fontein - University of Edinburgh; Mattia Fumanti -  University of St Andrews; Zoe Marks -  University of Edinburgh; Wolfgang Zeller - University of Edinburgh

Laura Major, Editorial Assistant

Freshers 2013