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CAS Research Fellow Wins ASAUK Award

Congratulations to Dr Maggie Dwyer, who was runner-up for the 2016 Audrey Richard Prize offered by the African Studies Association of the UK.

Dr Maggie Dwyer, Research Fellow in the Centre of African Studies, received the runner-up award at the ASAUK Conference in September 2016. The Audrey Richards Prize is awarded biennially for the best doctoral thesis in African Studies examined in a British institution during the two years prior to the conference.

Dr Dwyer received her PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 2014. Her thesis was titled ‘Anticipating the Revolt: Trends in Military Mutinies in West and Central Africa’ and was supervised by Professor Paul Nugent and Dr Sara Rich Dorman.

The nomination letter noted that:

“the work strikes a fine balance between attention to empirical data and teasing out the broader comparative implications. The thesis succeeds so admirably because of the manner in which it combines different kinds of evidence.”

The award also highlighted the contribution by explaining that:

“It has been a long time since anyone has done this kind of fine-grained analysis of African militaries - in fact, one has to go back to the classics of the 1970s and it is unique when it comes to the study of mutinies.”

Further Information

Further detail on the Audrey Richards Prize is available on the ASAUK website.

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