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ANTHUSIA Joint PhD Positions

Open for applications: 3 fully funded PhD positions (salaried) hosted by CAS starting in the academic year 2018/19

ANTHUSIA is a multi-disciplinary research project in the Anthropology of Human Security in Africa run by a consortium of four universities in Aarhus (Denmark), Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Leuven (Belgium) and Oslo (Norway). It has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement no. 764546 and will train 15 Early Stage Researchers.

Starting in September 2018, the Centre of African Studies at the University of Edinburgh offers 3 PhD-positions as salaried full-time temporary research positions (Early Stage Researchers, ESRs) for three years, according to EC regulations. Tuition fees will be covered by the scholarship.

The research network offers an academically stimulating and interdisciplinary working environment, an innovative training programme that allows ESRs to obtain specialist knowledge on a specific research topic as well as transferable skills that can be employed in non-academic institutions. The ANTHUSIA PhD education is a 3-year programme. It includes one year of fieldwork in Africa, with a 2-3 month period of secondment to a non-academic partner organisation, annual summer/winter schools and a 6 months stay with the secondary university. ANTHUSIA also offers an attractive salary, the opportunity of favourable pension benefits as well as funding for research, travel, conference participation and dissemination, books and equipment.

Requirements: Eligible candidates must have an internationally recognised Master's or an equivalent degree in anthropology or related social sciences and humanities disciplines. They must have received their Master's degree or equivalent (120 ECTS) no later than 31 August, 2018. They must have less than four years of research experience after the Masters degree and not hold a PhD degree. However, the last Master's degree can be more than 4 years old. All applicants must have achieved a high grade point average in their BA and Master studies and must have fluent oral and written communication skills in English and submit their dissertation in English. Applicants can be of any nationality. We encourage applicants who have African language skills and relevant experience outside the academy. In order to be eligible, candidates applying to CAS should not have resided, worked or studied in the UK for more than 12 of the last 36 months before the recruitment date.

In addition, applicants will have to meet the eligibility criteria for applying to a PhD at the Centre of African Studies. See here for more information:

Edinburgh is offering 3 positions:

1. ESR Project 12: Governance and Human Security: The State and Everyday Practices of Governing in Malawi

(click on the title for the link to the advert)

Supervisors Gerhard Anders (University of Edinburgh) and Paul Wenzel Geissler (University of Oslo). Please contact the principal supervisor Gerhard Anders ( if you are interested in applying for this position.

2.ESR Project 13: Humanitarian Interventions and Political Security: The Politics and Practice of Human Security

(click on the title for the link)

Supervisors Sarah Jane Cooper-Knock (University of Edinburgh) and Michael Eilenberg (Aarhus University). Please contact the principal supervisor Sarah-Jane Cooper Knock ( if you are interested in applying for this position.

3.ESR Project 15: Informal Sectors and Economic Security: Gendered Urban Everyday Life in African Borderlands

(click on the title for the link to the advert)

Supervisors Paul Nugent (Edinburgh) and Morten Nielsen (University of Aarhus). Please contact the principal supervisor Paul Nugent ( if you are interested in applying for this position.

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