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EU funding for new European Joint Doctorate at Edinburgh University

The European Commission has awarded more than 4 million Euros to set up the European Joint Doctorate 'ANThropology of HUman Security In Africa ANTHUSIA'. The consortium is led by Aarhus University including University of Oslo, University of Leuven and University of Edinburgh. In Edinburgh, Gerhard Anders at the Centre of African Studies will be the lead for this path-breaking international postgraduate degree programme that will fund 15 PhD-projects.

ANTHUSIA is a European Joint Doctorate/Innovative Training Network in the Anthropology of Human Security in Africa that will be offered by a consortium of four universities in Aarhus, Edinburgh, Leuven and Oslo. Combining competences from Anthropology, Human Security and African Studies It aims to foster talent relevant to current challenges and potentials of developing safe societies in Africa. By exploring different areas from a human security perspective, the research will provide insights into problems such as expanding young populations, accelerated urbanisation, unequally distributed growth, recurring conflicts, persistent health problems, and refugee insecurity. A human security perspective shifts the focus from the security of nation states to the safety and well-being of humans in their everyday lives. Human security problems, as well as growth rates in Africa have obvious ramifications for European home security and economy.

The programme will start in the Academic Year 2018/19.

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