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Swahili language classes in Sardinia

The UoE Swahili teaching team Teresa Poeta and Albert Mkony returned last week from an exciting teaching experience in Caglairi, Sardinia funded by the Erasmus+ Staff mobility fund.

Co-organised with colleagues Isabella Soi and Nicola Melis of the Università degli Studi di Cagliari, Teresa and Albert delivered a week-long intensive Swahili introductory course. The students learned the basics of the Swahili language in order to be able to communicate in everyday situations and to better engage with the East African region for work, study or travels. During the week they also explored bits of art and history and even composed Swahili poems. The course was attended by 45 students (out of 100 applicants) and both staff and students are hoping to continue this successful collaboration in the future!

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