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Albert Mkony

Albert Mkony
Albert Mkony
Researcher & Senior Tutor
Chrystal Macmillan Building 15a George Square Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
Research Interests
Social media in Africa, Governance and leadership in Africa, African politics, Swahili, International development, Intelligence studies, Tanzania, Race and Ethnicity, Diaspora, Conflict Resolution, Diplomacy


Since 2015, I have been teaching several undergraduate and postgraduate courses including  Africa in the Contemporary World, International Development, Aid and Humanitarianism,  International Cooperation in Europe and Beyond, Politics and Theories of International Development and Swahili.

University of Edinburgh

- Africa in the Contemporary World (UG Course)          

- International Development, Aid and Humanitarianism (UG Course)

 - International Cooperation in Europe and Beyond World (UG Course)

- Politics and Theories of International Development (PG Course)

- Swahili (UG & PG Course)

University of Glasgow  (2016- 2017)

 – Swahili (PG Course)

Università degli Studi di Cagliari (University of Cagliari), Italy

- Swahili Summer Course 2019


My current doctoral research concerns the political efficacy of social media in Tanzania. More broadly, I explore how people negotiate with the structural and legislative constraints of digital spaces in Africa, the role of locally incubated social media platforms and the significance of diasporic digital counterpublics to the practice and experience of democracy in Africa’s cyberspace.


2018: Research Assistant for the Principal's Teaching Award Scheme (PTAS) grant where I seek to better understand what kind of recorded lecture material is most effective for online learning.

2017: Researcher for “Q-Step Africa” -Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform project. I scoped out in greater details the needs, capacity and constraints of teaching Quantitative Methods at Universities in sub-Saharan Africa.

2015-2017: Security Analyst for the ESRC-DFID-funded Social Media and Security in Africa (SMS: Africa) project. I provided a timely understanding of the role social media plays in documenting and driving (in)security in Tanzania.


2017- present:  I sit on the Editorial Advisory Committee for Tanzanian Affairs; a current affairs magazine by the Britain Tanzania Society.

2015- present:  I write for Africa is a Country blog and VijanaFM blog- leading intellectual voices platforms in the African online media sphere.

2015-present: Swahili teacher and Consultant for national and international governmental and non-governmental organisations with interests in Africa, Tanzania in particular.

2012   Case Worker, House of Commons, London


  • “Challenges of ethnic pluralism in creating and managing harmony in  ethnically plural states.” Presented at the “Decolonising History in Africa and Africa in History: towards a more collaborative interdisciplinary approach” Conference, University of Edinburgh, March 2017.
  • On becoming African”.  Exhibited at “Afropolitan- an exploration of what Africa means to Africans at home and abroad”, Exhibition, University of Edinburgh, March 2017.
  • “Social Media and Arusha Declaration in Contemporary Politics.” Chaired and presented at the “THE ARUSHA DECLARATION@50” Conference, University of Edinburgh, February 2017.


  • “#WhatWouldNyerereDo?”  Africa is a Country Blog, produced by young Africans and diaspora writers, scholars and artists, one of the leading intellectual voices in the African online media sphere. Published October 2016.
  • “Magufuli & Social Media- Is Jamii Forums Africa’s WikiLeaks?” Vijana FM,  Published December 2016.
  • “Three Key Questions for Decolonizing the Academy.”  Reflection on the “Decolonizing the Academy” Conference, University of Edinburgh, May 2015


2012 Awarded International Excellence Scholarship, Aberystwyth University

2017 & 2020 Nominated for the Best Student Who Tutors Award, Edinburgh University Students' Association

2017 Awarded Associate Fellowship of Higher Education Academy, University of Edinburgh.

2018 Awarded Alice Brown Studentship, University of Edinburgh

2019 Awarded Research and Development Fund (RDF), University of Edinburgh


BSc (Middlesex University, London); MSc (Aberystwyth, Wales);  PhD (Edinburgh, Scotland)- currently studying