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Albert Mkony

Albert Mkony
Mr Albert Mkony
Tutor, International Development Aid & Humanitarianism, Africa in Contemporary World and Swahili. Security Analyst, SMS Africa project
Chrystal Macmillan Building 15a George Square Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD

Governance and Leadership in Africa, African politics, African security, African elections, Tanzania, East Africa, Swahili, International Development, African Union, Preventive Diplomacy in Africa,  Africa Intelligence, Regional Cooperation & Integration in Africa


Albert currently works as a Tutor for both International Development, Aid & Humanitarianism and Africa in Contemporay world undergraduate courses. He is also teaching Swahili to both undergraduate and postgraduate students at the university.

Moreover, he is also working as a security analyst for the ESRC-DFID-funded Social Media and Security in Africa (SMS: Africa) project in the Centre of African Studies at the University of Edinburgh. The project aims to provide a timely understanding of the role social media plays in documenting and driving (in)security in Africa. He fortnightly produces security-related reports on Tanzania.

Albert's MSc dissertation examined the role of Informal Actors in Preventive Diplomacy where he assessed the effectiveness of the African Union's Panel of The Wise in Conflict Prevention in Africa.

He also has an ongoing collaboration with Tanzania British Society (TBS) and Tanzania Development Trust (TDT) where he is serving as a project officer, communication assistant and Executive Committee member. He has also previously worked as a research trainee and case worker at the House of Commons, London. He is also a content author for VijanaFM and Africa is a Country,a site of media of criticism, analysis and new writing.