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Rick Rohde

Rick Rohde
Dr Rick Rohde
Research Fellow
Chrystal Macmillan Building 15a George Square Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
0131 332 4147 and 01599 235023
Research Interests
Political ecology, Land reform, Politics of climate change science, Historical ecology, Visual ethnography


MSc (African Studies) University of Edinburgh

PhD (Social Anthropology) University of Edinburgh

I have held research posts at the University of Namibia and the University of the Western Cape and am a Research Associate at the University of Cape Town. My role within several EU funded projects has focussed on pastoralism, land reform and global change in southern African rangelands, as well as the coordination of the social science component of an EU funded technical project that carried out innovative research related to ephemeral rivers within field sites in Namibia and South Africa (

More recently my research has focused on the historical ecology of Namaqualand and southern Namibia as part of a German funded multi-disciplinary "BIOTA-Africa" project, which monitored and analyzed biodiversity and its change along a transect in southern Africa. (

I am presently a Co-Investigator in the AHRC funded project "Future pasts", based in western Namibia that will run for six years until July 2019 ( 

Research Interests

Environmental history of cultural landscapes, historical and political ecology, primarily in Namibia, South Africa and Scotland, with particular focus on the social and ecological impacts of colonialism, land reform, land use history, environmental policy and climate change. Outsider photography.

Publications Include:

Rohde R.F., Hoffman M.T., Durbach I., Venter Z. and Jack S. (2019) Vegetation and climate change in the Pro-Namib and Namib Desert based on repeat photography: insights into climate trends. Journal of Arid Environments 165: 119-131.

Hoffman M.T., Rohde R.F., Gillson L. (2018) Rethinking catastrophe? Historical trajectories and modelled future vegetation change in southern African. Anthropocene 25: 1-13. DOI: 10.1016/j.ancene.2018.12.003

Scott S.L. , Rohde R.F. and Hoffman M.T. (2017) Repeat landscape photography, historical ecology and the wonder of digital archives in Southern Africa. African Research and Documentation 131: 35-47.

Rohde R.F. (2017) ‘Scenes from Namaqualand – an introduction’, in Easton, K. and Attridge, D. (eds.) Zoe Wicomb and the translocal – writing Scotland and South Africa. London: Routledge, pp 166-177.

Rohde R.F. (2016) Camera archana: Tracing a life in photographs. In: R. Rohde & S. O’Connell, ed., Hanging on a wire - The photographs of Sophia Klaase,  Johannesburg: Fourthwall Books, Pages 157-163.

Rohde R.F. and O'Connell S.(2016) Hanging on a wire. The photographs of Sophia Klaase. Fourthwall Books, Johannesburg. ISBN 978-0-9922404-3-1.

Jack S. Hoffman M.T., Rohde R.F. and Durbach, I. (2016) Climate change sentinel or false prophet? The case of Aloe dichotoma. Diversity and Distributions 22(7): 745-757.

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Hoffman M.T. and Rohde R.F. (2010) An analysis of vegetation change in Namaqualand using repeat photography as a central tool.  In N. Jurgens, U. Schmiedel and M.T. Hoffman (eds) Biodiversity in southern Africa: patterns and processes at regional scale (Vol 2). Gottingen: Hess Verlag.

Dahlberg A., Rohde R.F. and Sandell K. (2010) Access, conservation and environmental justice: a comparison of national parks in three countries. Conservation and Society 8(3): 209-224.

Rohde R.F. (2010) Written on the surface of the soil: west Highland crofting landscapes during the 20th century. In R.H. Webb, D.E. Boyer, and R.M. Turner (eds.) Repeat photography: methods and applications in the geological and ecological sciences. Island Press: Washington D.C..

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Rohde R.F. (1998) 'How we see each other': Subjectivity, photography and ethnographic revision.  In W. Hartman, J. Sylvester and P. Hayes (eds.) The Colonising Camera: Photography in the making of Namibian history. Cape Town: University of Cape Town Press (ISBN 1-919713-22-0); Athens, OH: Ohio University Press (0-8214-1261-2); Windhoek: Out of Africa Press (99916-2-140-7).

Exhibitions, conference presentations, proceedings and workshop contributions:

Rohde R.F., Venter S.L. and Hoffman M.T. (2017) ‘Repeat Landscape photography, historical ecology and the wonder of digital archives’. SCOLMA - UK Libraries and Archives Group on Africa Conference: Document to Digital: how does digitisation aid African research? National Library of Scotland, 11 September 2017.

Rohde R.F. & O’Connell S. (2017) Curators of Photographs by Sophia Klaase: Extra Ordinary Lives: Portraits from a divided land. Fisher Gallery, Otterbein University. August 21 to December 3, 2017.

Sullivan S., Rohde R.F., Impey A., Hannis M. & Low C. (2017) Landscape, Memory and Music in West Namibia. Future Pasts: A multi-media exhibition at Gallery 44AD, 4 Abbey St. Bath, UK; 12 July - 12 August 2017.

Rohde R.F. & O’Connell S. (2016) Outsider photography/insider ethnography – writing ourselves out of the picture? Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines (CEAD) Ethnographic imaginings, space, place and time. 15 - 18 November, University of Cape Town, Iziko Museum of South Africa, Centre for the Book. Cape Town.

Rohde R.F. & Hoffman M.T. (2016) The fog of historical ecology: vegetation change, sea-surface temperatures and climate change in the Namib desert. Paper presented at the RAI & British Museum conference ‘Anthropology, Weather and Climate Change’ British Museum, 27-29 May 2016. [Abstract available:]

Rohde R.F. (2015) Contribution of images from Matida Sida ra Mûgu: How We See Each Other to the AVAMP 2015 ‘Re-presenting photography in Namibia’ at the National Art Gallery of Namibia, May 12 to August 22.

Rohde R.F. (2015) Panelist at Association of Visual Arts Gallery, Cape Town discussing the exhibiton ‘A pristine land interrupted’ by Paul van Schalkwyk. March 28. 

Rohde R.F. (2015) ‘Historical ecology of the Namib based on repeat photography’, a presentation at the Gobabeb Desert Research and Training Centre, Namibia. Feb. 27.

Hoffman M.T., Rohde, R.F.,  Gillson, L. (2014) 20th century vegetation change in the major biomes of South Africa. Paper presented at the conference entitled: “Changing Climates, Ecosystems & Environments of arid southern Africa - A Tribute to Louis Scott” held in Bloemfontein, South Africa, 7-9 July 2014.

Rohde R.F., O'Connel S. and Hoffman M.T. - Curators (2013) "Extraordinary lives: Portraits from a divided land: Photographs by Sophia Klaaste." District Six Museum, Cape Town; March 19 - May 15, 2013. In association with the conference Land divided: land and South African society in 2013 - in comparative perspective. University of Cape Town, March 24 - 27, 2013. 

Rohde R.F and Hoffman M.T. (2012) "A short history of catastrophe prediction: from modernisation to climate change capitalism in southern African rangelands". Paper presented at CAS@50: Cutting Edges and Retrospectives. June 5-8, 2012, McIntyre Centre, University of Edinburgh.  

Jack S., Hoffman M.T. and Rohde R.F. (2011) Aloe dichotoma: a false prophet? Paper presented at the Arid Zone Ecology Forum, Nieuwoudtville, South Africa; October 3-6, 2011. 

M.T. Hoffman, R.F. Rohde, Masubelele, M.A. and Puttick, J. (2011) "The extent and rate of vegetation change in southern Africa's rangelands over the last 100 years: Using historical trajectories to inform future projections" Paper presented at the Conference of the Grassland Society of South Africa, Middleburg, Eastern Cape, July 13, 2011.

R.F. Rohde (2009) “Climate change, cattle, war, pestilence and famine: Reading Central Namibian landscapes through repeat photographs from the Palgrave expedition of 1876.” World Congress of Environmental History 4-8. August 2009 Denmark-Sweden. Session 3.7 - Interpreting the past to anticipate the future: The contribution of environmental history to the climate change debate in Africa. 

Dahlberg A.,  Rohde R.F. &  Sandell K. (2009) "Public access, conservation and environmental justice: a comparison of national park management in three countries". Nordic Landscape Research Network Conference: The Multifunctional Commons of the World Landscapes: Between Private Property and Public Use; Copenhagen, 18th – 20th of March 2009.

Rohde R.F. (2009) "A century of change in the Scottish landscape", in collaboration with the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Royal Highland Show, Edinburgh. 

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Rohde R.F. and Hoffman M.T.  (2007) "Anthropogenic and climatic impacts on vegetation in relation to the hydrology of the Buffels River during the last 200 years." INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP: Groundwater Recharge in Ephemeral Rivers of Southern Africa: Implications for Water Management. Cape Town, South Africa, 27-28th November, 2007.

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Rohde R.F. & Hoffman M.T. (2004) "The tragedy of enclosure: environmental change in a communal area of Namaqualand. Proceedings from the conference: Trees, Rain and Politics in Africa. The dynamics and politics of climatic and environmental change. St Anthony’s College Oxford, 29th September – 1st October 2004. Sponsored by The British Academy.

Invited participant to a two-day workshop on equilibrium and non-equilibrium theory, VIIth International Rangelands Congress held in Durban, South Africa, 26th July – 1st August 2003.

Hoffman M.T., Rohde R.F., Allsopp N. & Petersen A. (2000) "Paulshoek, South Africa: Global change and subsistence rangelands in Southern Africa - resource availability, access and use in relation to livelihoods and welfare." Proceedings of a EC funded workshop in Maseru Lesotho, November 26 - December 1, 2000.

Rohde R.F. & Cousins B. (1998) "Experimenting with the commons." Paper presented at a symposium Property Rights, Risk and Livestock Development, in Feldafing (Germany) Sept. 27 - Oct. 1, 1998. International Livestock Research Institute, the International Food Policy Research Institute and the University of GÖttingen.

Rohde R.F. (1996) "Matida Sida ra Mûgu: How We See Each Other". Project organiser and curator of an exhibition of over 200 photographs taken by 16 Damara speaking communal farmers and their families. National Art Gallery of Namibia in Windhoek; National Museum of South Africa, Cape Town 1997; McGregor Museum, Kimberly 1997; travelling exhibition, Northern Cape Province, 1998.

Topics interested in supervising

Environmental history; Historical ecology; Trans-disciplinary research methodologies applied to southern Africa.

If you are interested in being supervised by Rick Rohde, please see the links below for more information:

PhD in Social Anthropology; MSc (R) African Studies