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Clare Coughlan

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Clare Coughlan
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
+44 (0)131 6504687

Research Topic

Relationships between local, national, and international civil society actors engaged in advocacy, lobbying and popular mobilisation pertaining to cotton in Mali, structured around three campaign themes: against unfair US and EU cotton subsidies;against privatisation of the Compagnie Malienne de Développement desTextiles; against child labour in cotton farming. Particular consideration is given to the various ways in which the campaigns are negotiated and translated in the chains of relationships from global decision-making through to farm level. The meaning of legitimacy in these relationship-chains is explored.

Publications / Presentations

Coughlan, C. and Smith, J. The G8 One year on: an opportunity lost? in VIEW 6 Summer/Autumn 2006, SCVO.

Coughlan, C. Researching Solidarity and Solidarity Research: Lessons from a Study of G8-related Activism in Scotland and Mali presentation at the 7th Annual Researching Africa Day, Oxford University, 11 March 2006.

Coughlan, C. The Language of North-South Divides: G8 related activist discourses in Scotland and in Mali. A World For All? The ethics of global civil society Conference, University of Edinburgh, 4-7 September 2005.

Co-author of UK Social Science and the African Continent in 2004: Report to the Economic and Social Research Council (UK), Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh, November 2004.