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Ismaila Ceesay

Ismaila Ceesay
Ismaila Ceesay
Edinburgh UK EH1 1LZ


Ismaila Ceesay


PhD in African Studies 

PhD Title

"Cyber-Hustling: A Survival Strategy for Poor Urban Youths in Gambian Cyber Cafes".

The general aim of this research is to investigate patterns of internet use in cyber cafes in the Gambia in order to understand how poor urban Gambian youths have used the internet in cyber cafes to support their livelihood strategies. The study is specifically designed to understand internet hustling strategies and activities among poor youths in the cyber cafes of a low income peri-urban setting. The study further seeks to understand the wider social and economic factors that influence this type of activity as well as their impacts and the opportunities they provide to both the youths and their wider community

Research and Intellectual Interest

My researcher interests includes ICTs for development in Africa and ICT use and adoption in Developing countries; Comparative Post Colonial African Political History; and Gambian Politics.

Supervisors Dr Tom Molony and Dr Jose Munoz Martin

Work Experience

Political Science and African Politics Lecturer at the University of the Gambia from 2010 to date. Currently on study leave in Edinburgh for post graduate studies.


MSc in African Studies, University of Ediburgh

BSc in Political Science, University of Stockholm.