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Kevin Louis Bardosh

Kevin Louis Bardosh
Kevin Louis Bardosh
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Implementation Research, Mixed Methods, One Health, EcoHealth, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Emerging and Neglected Zoonoses, Environment and Health, Livestock Production, Veterinary and Crop Extension Services, Health Systems Research, Science and Technology Studies, Development Sociology and Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Behaviour Change Interventions, Education and social mobilisation, Private sector and agricultural services

Kevin Bardosh is currently the programme tutor for both the postgraduate e-learning certificate in Global Development Challenges and in Africa and International Development, both based at the Centre of African Studies. His research focuses on issues of public health and agricultural development in Africa and Asia. He has experience collaborating with scientists from various African, Asian and European universities in the field of neglected diseases and has conducted fieldwork in Laos, Indonesia, Morocco, Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda. Kevin currently helps coordinate the socio-cultural research component for a large EU-funded project on neglected zoonotic diseases operating in seven African countries ( With an interest in development sociology and science and technology studies, he is currently writing up his doctoral research. Using a range of methods, this research focused on technological adoption, behaviour change and community responses to large-scale public health programmes in Eastern Africa on a number of neglected diseases.



Bardosh K: Deadly Flies, Poor Profits and Veterinary Pharmaceuticals: Sustaining the Control of Sleeping Sickness in Uganda. Medical Anthropology (submitted).

Bardosh K: Achieving “Total Sanitation” in Rural African Geographies: Poverty, Participation and Pit Latrines in Eastern Zambia. Geoforum (submitted).

Bardosh K, El Berbri I, Ducrotoy M, Bouslikhane M, Ouafaa F, Welburn S: The Social Life of a Neglected Tapeworm: Hygiene, Social Norms and the Disposal of Hydatid Cysts at Moroccan Slaughterhouses. PLoS Negl (submitted).

Bardosh K, Okello A, Ngowi H, Welburn S: Beliefs, Behaviours and Neglected Zoonoses: What does Socio-Cultural Research Tell us in Africa? PLoS Negl (submitted).

Bardosh K, Inthavong P, Veunghang S, Okello A (2014) Controlling Parasites, Understanding Practices: The Biosocial Complexity of a One Health Intervention for Neglected Zoonotic Helminths in Northern Lao PDR. Social Science and Medicine 120: 215-223. 

Bardosh K (2014) Global Aspirations, Local Realities: The Role of Social Science Research in Controlling Neglected Tropical Diseases. Infectious Diseases of Poverty 3:35.   

Bardosh K, Sambo M, Sikana L, Hampson K, Welburn SC (2014) Eliminating Rabies in Tanzania? Local Understandings and Responses to Mass Dog Vaccination in Kilombero and Ulanga Districts. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 8(6).  

Okello AL, Bardosh K, Smith J, Welburn SC (2014) One Health: Past Successes and Future Challenges in Three African Contexts. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 8(5): e2884. doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0002884

Bardosh K, Waiswa C, and Welburn S (2013) Conflict of interest: use of pyrethroids and amidines against tsetse and ticks in zoonotic sleeping sickness endemic areas of Uganda. Parasites & Vectors 6:204.

Selby R, Bardosh K, Picozzi K, Waiswa, C, and Welburn S (2013) Cattle movements and trypanosomes: restocking efforts and the spread of Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense sleeping sickness in post-conflict Uganda. Parasites & Vectors 6: 281.

Conference talks

Bardosh, K. 'Critical Social Science and Neglected Tropical Diseases: Understanding Intervention Effectiveness Determinants' Conference poster. EcoHealth 2014: Connections for Health, Ecosystems and Society, Montreal, Canada. August 11 -15 2014. 

Bardosh, K. 'Actors, interfaces and the non-human in rural Africa: the applicability of sociological theory to the control of neglected diseases' Conference paper. Annual British Sociology Association Conference: Engaging Sociology, London, UK. April 3 - 5 2013.

Bardosh, K. ‘How can policymakers support community-based control? Fragmented knowledge, social complexity and sleeping sickness in Uganda’ Poster presentation. Prince Mahidol Award Conference, Bangkok, Thailand. January 31 – February 2, 2013.

Bardosh, K. ‘Conceptualising socio-ecological and technical systems: What practical value for global public health?’ Conference paper. EcoHealth 2012: Sustaining Ecosystems, Sustaining Health, Kunming, China. Oct 15-18 2012.

Bardosh, K. ‘They need the business perspective! The use of private veterinarians for the control of zoonotic trypanosomiasis in Northern Uganda’. Conference paper. Joint Colloquium on Zoonoses and Neglected Infectious Diseases in Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa. November 1 - 3, 2011.

Bardosh, K. and Thys, S ‘Socio-cultural research on the neglected zoonotic diseases in Africa: A review of the literature and outline for a future research agenda’. Poster presentation. Joint Colloquium on Zoonoses and Neglected Infectious Diseases in Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa. November 1 - 3, 2011.

Bardosh, K. ‘Confessions of an instrumentalist: reflections on the research design of a multi-site ethnography’ Conference paper. 12th annual Researching Africa Day Workshop, Oxford University, UK. May 14, 2011.