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Namhla Matshanda

Namhla Matshanda
Namhla Matshanda
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
Research Interests
State-making, Horn of Africa, Political identities and citizenship, Territorial borders

Research Interests:

State theory, the (un)making of the state in post-colonial Africa, comparative colonial history, political identities, African borders and borderlands.

PhD Topic: 

My research is primarily concerned with patterns of state-making in the Horn of Africa from the late colonial period. The focus is on making sense of the highly contested nature of the region's territorial borders, I do this by exploring processes of identity and place making on the eastern Ethiopia and northern Somalia (Somaliland) border and borderlands.



Dr. Sara Rich Dorman

Prof. Paul Nugent


Academic Qualifications:

MA International Relations- University of the Witwatersrand  (2009)

BA Honours- University of the Western Cape (2007)