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Centre of African Studies: Research


Aid and Maternal Health

The Impact of Aid on Maternal Health

DFID Systematic Review


Over the last 15 years there have been major shifts in how aid is delivered and managed. But is this leading to better results for people in developing countries? This £39k research project lasting from May to December 2010 examines the existing evidence about how aid impacts on Millennium Development Goal 5 indicators (maternal and reproductive health). This Systematic Review, funded by the Department for International Development focuses tightly on a set research question:

  • What is the evidence of the impact on MDG 5 outcomes of delivering aid in line with Paris and Accra aid effectiveness principles? How does this compare to the evidence of the impact of aid in general on MDG 5 outcomes?

Our aim is not to conduct primary research but to examine available evidence. Ahead of the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, the project will feed into ongoing debates about how different types of aid affect development.

The research team involves the Centre of African Studies, the Centre for South Asian Studies and the School of Health in Social Science. The team consists of: Rachel Hayman, Michelle Taylor, James Smith, Sabine Hoehn, Fay Crawford, Patricia Jeffery, Ian Harper, and Marshall Dozier.