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Centre of African Studies: Research


Political Settlements

The Political Settlements Research Programme is undertaken by a North-South Consortium of five institutions, including Edinburgh’s Global Justice Academy, which brings together experts from across the Schools of Law, and Social and Political Science. As the majority of countries experiencing extreme poverty have undergone formal peace processes in recent years, it is crucial to improve the stability and inclusion of such. PSRP examines how political settlements come into being, how open and inclusive they are and how internal and external actors shape them. It is an extensive four-year programme, funded primarily by DfID, which started in 2014-15 and is directed by Edinbugh's Professor of Law Christine Bell.

What is CAS’ involvement?

The programme is divided into six themes and CAS' Dr Zoe Marks is principal investigator for three projects within the Conflict and Gender streams. She is project lead on Armed Actors and Power and on Women's Activism, and leads on Engendering Institutions with Professor of Politics Fiona Mackay. Dr Marks' work forms a key part of CAS’ ongoing research into peace, poverty and conflict.

For more information visit the Political Settlements website.