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Centre of African Studies: Research


Edinburgh Catalyst Fellows

The Catalyst Fellowship initiative is organized by the Centre of African Studies at the University of Edinburgh. With the support of the Scottish Funding Council and the Global Challenges Research Fund, we aim to support the research and scholarship of more than 100 fellows. Inaugurated at the 2019 European Conference on African Studies, the Catalyst Fellowships supported the attendance of scholars based at African institutions. During 2019-2020, the Catalyst programme will support research and writing fellowships, as well as workshops forfeedback on and dissemination of research. 

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to be in touch:

CAS Catalyst Visiting Fellowships

The CAS Catalyst Visiting Fellowships are intended to support the selected individuals to undertake analysis of existing fieldwork data, conduct new desk-based research, and to produce one major piece of scholarly writing.

IASH Catalyst Fellowships

IASH Catalyst Fellows will be provided a stipend plus travel expenses in order to conduct research and writing in Edinburgh. Fellowships are for one month and are available for research in any aspect of the humanities and social sciences, though the work will need to contribute to sustainable development goals in ODA countries. Interdisciplinary projects -- including in the environmental or digital humanities -- will find a particularly welcome home at IASH.


Catalyst Non-Residential Fellowships

The CNRF is intended to support individual as well as collaborative research projects by Catalyst Fellows. The grants are designed to facilitate either pilot research or to extend ongoing work particularly where it can aid in the completion of a prior research initiative. It is hoped that the research funded by these fellowships will support the development of larger projects in collaboration with scholars at the University of Edinburgh. 

Catalyst Regional Workshops

The Catalyst Regional Workshops are intended to facilitate relationships, disseminate research, and build capacity among the community of Catalyst Fellows and associated researchers.

PhD & Early Career Researcher Workshop

More information coming soon. 

Grad School