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Centre of African Studies: Research


INZI PhD Students


Shona Jane Lee

Shona Jane Lee has completed degrees in Social Sciences and Health and Evolutionary Medicine at Durham. Shona will be analysing the role of Big Data in shaping global health and development agendas. She will also be experimenting with novel quantitative techniques being employed in infectious disease research such as GIS and Geospatial Mapping, and their contribution toward developing an evidence base that can be used effectively by policy makers.



Rebekah Thompson

Rebekah Thompson holds an MA (Hons) in Social Anthropology and Development from the University of Edinburgh. She will be undertaking an ethnography of research practice, and its implications, in the International Livestock Research Institute, in a project entitled 'Mapping International Livestock Research'. Rebekah will complete an MSc in Medical Anthropology as a component of her training.



hubmannMichaela Hubmann is a medical anthropologist who will be studying the recent Ebola outbreaks in West Africa. Her project began in January 2015.