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Centre of African Studies: Research



Links to related organisations

Within the University

  • The Global Health Academy, an interdisciplinary academy that aims to improve global health and make life better through collaborative, interdisciplinary research, education and resource development.
  • The Centre of African Studies, in which INZI is based 
  • The Welburn Group, a research cluster in the Division of Pathway Medicine concerned with the design and use of molecular diagnostic tools for the study and management of sleeping sickness and animal trypanosomiaisis.
  • The Matthews Lab, researching African trypanosomes in the Institute of Immunology and Infection Research
  • The Epigroup researches the dynamics of infections of animals and humans at different scales, from the interaction a parasite or virus with host cells through to global estimates of disease burden
  • Centre of African Studies doctoral students Kevin Bardosh and Adedamola Badejo  also research African trypanosomiasis.

Outwith the University