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Centre of African Studies: Research



Barbara Bompani

Barbara Bompani – Principal Investigator

Barbara has always been interested in the interconnection and interrelation between religion, politics and development in African contexts and the way in which religious ideas, voices and organizations influence the public sphere. She is a senior lecturer in African Development at the Centre of African Studies at the University of Edinburgh.


Stephanie Terreni-Brown – Researcher

Stephanie Terreni-Brown – Researcher

Stephanie has just concluded her one-year fellowship in the SPRA project. She has been instrumental in setting up the research in Kampala and she has collected the great majority of data. Now Stephanie is part of another research team at the University of Edinburgh.



Caroline Valois

Caroline Valois – PhD student

Caroline is a doctoral student at the Centre of African Studies in Edinburgh. She is currently writing up her thesis on Pentecostalism in Uganda. Although Caroline is not directly involved in the SPRA project, she has collaborated with the SPRA team and shared several ideas and activities.