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Centre of African Studies: Research


CAS Occasional Papers Archive

  1. Kenneth King (1984) - The End of Educational Self-Reliance in Tanzania?
  2. Chris Allen (1984) - A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of the Political Economy of Africa
  3. Kenneth King (1984) - Education, Science and Technology Research in Eastern Africa
  4. Alan Barnard (1984) - The Perception and Utilisation of Morama and Other Food Plants by the Nharo of Western Botswana
  5. Martin Fransman (1984) - The Capital Goods Industry in Africa: Present Situation and Prospects
  6. Nomatamsanqua Nomvete (1984) - The Participation of the Female Working Class in Trade Unions and in Labour Struggles in South Africa from 1950
  7. David McMaster (1985) - Can Africa Feed Itself?
  8. Desmond McNeill (1985) - Making Aid Projects More Suited to Local Needs
  9. Chris Allen (1985) - The People's Republic of Benin: A Bibliography (covering the period since 1972 with some background materials)
  10. Alan Barnard (1985) - The Present Condition of Busman Groups
  11. E. Ayotunde Yoloye (1986) - The Role of Research in Curriculum Development in Anglophone Africa
  12. Kenneth King (1986) - Overseas Training for Development: An Analysis of Britain's Technical Co-operation Training Programme from the National and the Donor Perspective
  13. Pauline Turner Wangman (1986) - Telling Tales: Literary Perspectives of West Africa
  14. Kenneth King (1987) - An Evaluation of Research and Policies on Informal Sector Employment in Developing Countries
  15. David Alexander (1988) - The Politics of Workers Education in Zambia
  16. Kenneth King (1989) - Technical and Vocation Education and Training in Kenya: The Movement Towards a Comprehensive National System & Education-for-employment and Self-employment Interventions in Developing Countries: Past Experience and Present Prognosis
  17. Robin Law () - Correspondence from the Royal African Company's Factories at Offra and Whydah on the Slave Coast of West Africa in the Public Record Office, London 1678-93
  18. Leda Stott (1990) - Women and the Armed Struggle for Independence in Zimbabwe (1964-1979)
  19. Paul Edwards (1990) - The Early African Presence in the British Isles: An unaugral lecture on the occasion of the establishment of the Chair in English and African Literature at Edinburgh University
  20. Anne Griffiths () - Negotiating Pregnancy: Women's Strategies Concerning Marriage and Compensation Among the Kwena in Botswana
  21. Kenneth King (1989/90) - Training and Structural Adjustment: Images from Ghana and Nigeria & The Impact of Structural Adjustment on Technical and Vocational Education and Training Systems
  22. Kenneth King and Charles Abuodha (1991) - The Building of an Industrial Society: Change and Development in Kenya's Informal Sector 1970-1990
  23. Kenneth King (1991) - Building Capacities in the Developing World: A Review of Experience in the Field of Education
  24. Kevin Dunion (1991) - A Scottish Parliament and Overseas Aid: Scope for a Distinctive Approach?
  25. Sandra Brown (1991) - "A Haven of Tribalism?": Reflections on Ethnicity and Politics in Okombahe - A "Labour Reserve" in Western Namibia
  26. Paul Edwards (1992) - Unreconciled Strivings and Ironic Strategies: Three Afro-British Authors of the Georgian Era: Ignatius Sancho, Olaudah Equiano, Robert Wedderburn
  27. Alan Barnard (1992) - The Kalahari Debate: A Bibliographical Essay
  28. Alison Girdwood (1992) - The Function and Financing of African Universities: A Review of Selected Policy Statements 1933-1988
  29. John Lonsdale and Wanyiri Kihoro (1992) - Politics in Kenya & Politics and Democracy in Kenya
  30. Roy Car-Hill and Kenneth King (1992) - International Aid to Basic Education: Flows, Policies, Modalities
  31. K.O. Agyakwa (1992) - African Taboos and Science Education: An Exploration of the Epristemological and Scientific Relevance of Significant African Cultural Dos and Don'ts
  32. Chris Allen (1992) - Democratic Renewal in Africa: Two Essays on Benin
  33. Richard F. Rohde (1993) - Afternoons in Damaraland: Common Land and Common Sense in ne of Namibia's Former 'Homelands'
  34. David Alexander (1993) - The Development of Workers' Education and Political Change in Zambia
  35. Paul Nugent (1993) - The Flight-Lieutenant and the Professor: The Road to Ghana's Fourth Republic (including election statistics)
  36. Simon McGrath (1993) - Changing the Subject: Curriculum Change and Zimbawean Education Since Independence
  37. Justin McKenzie Smith (1993) - "Breaking with the Past"?: A Consideration of Yoweri Museveni's National Resistance Movement, and of Social and Political Action in Uganda During Its Government
  38. Pnina Motzafi-Haller, Alan Barnard and Joy Barnard (1993) - Social Relations in a Changing Southern Africa: Case Studies from Botswana and Namibia
  39. Mgr. John Roche and Mpalive Hangson Msiska (1993) - Malawi Beyond Banda
  40. Gari Donn (Editor) (1994) - Gender and Development: Research Methodologies
  41. Marja Hinfelaar (1994) - Conflict and Protest in a Socttish Mission Area: North-Eastern Zambia 1870-1935
  42. Ruth M. Najda (1993) - Participatory Local Research: A Namibian Case Study
  43. Sarah Vaughan (1994) - The Addis Ababa Transitional Conference of July 1991: Its Origins, History and Significance
  44. Vincent Lockhart (1994) - A Social-Historical Study of Social Change among the Banga of Cameroon
  45. Martin L. Kingston and Professor Jack Spence (1994) - South Africa an the International Community: Politics and Finance
  46. Ralf Hermann (1994) - Creation Snake and Mobius Strip: The Mythopoeic Structures in Wole Soyinka's Writing
  47. L.B.B.J. Machobane (1995) - Basotho Religion and Western Thought
  48. Gari Donn (1995) - Education Policy in the New South Africa: Centre - Province relations
  49. Alan Barnard (1996) - Research and Development in Bushman Communities: Two Lectures
  50. Madeleine Dunford (1996) - Tracking the Symptoms or the Causes? An Examination of Programmes by NGOs for Street Children in Nairobi, Kenya
  51. Beth Cross (1996) - Sounding Out the Silences: Narratives and Absences in African Higher Education
  52. Anne Akeroyd (1996) - Some Gendered and Occupational Aspects of HIV and AIDS in Eastern and Southern Africa: Changes, Continuities and Issues for Further Consideration at the End of the First Decade
  53. M.C. Jedrej (1996) - The Southern Funj of the Sudan Under Angl-Egyptian Rule 1900-1933
  54. C. Ann Muir (1996) - UK NGOs and Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
  55. Brian Morris (1996) - A Short History of Wildlife Conservation in Malawi
  56. Ambreena S. Manji (1996) - Studying the Impact of AIDS in Africa using Participatory Research Methods
  57. Kenneth King, Ross Ashworth and Alison Girdwood (1997) - Aid and Higher Education in the Developing World: Lessons Learned and Lessons to be Learned
  58. Ingrid Yngstrom (1997) - Household Methodologies and the Measurement of Incomes and Welfare in Tanzania: A Case Study from Dodoma Using Interview Data
  59. Ricky Burnett (1997) - South African Art: A Story of Echo, Narcissus and Blind Tiresias
  60. Julius K. Nyerere (1997) - Africa: the Third Liberation
  61. Katrin Taylor (1998) - Where Seeing is Believing: Exploring and Reflecting upon the Implications for Community Based Natural Resource Management
  62. Brian Joseph White (1998) - Relevance, Rhetoric and Reality: National Development at The University of Namibia
  63. Abbi Wills (1998) - And So To School? An Experimental Analysis of the Cognitive Sequelae of Violence-Related Trauma for Children in 'Especially Difficult Circumstances' in South Africa, and the Implications for the Delivery of 'Education for Reconstruction'
  64. Paul Nugent (1998) - The Flight-Lieutenant Rides (To Power) Again: National Delusions, Local Fixations and the 1996 Ghanaian Elections
  65. David M. Edwards (1998) - Matetereka: Tanzania's Last Ujamaa Village
  66. Friederike Teutsch (1999) - Collapsing Expectation: National Identity and Disintegration of the State in Somalia
  67. Ben Moran (2000) - Nigerian Identity Formations in the Usenet Newsgroup soc.culture.nigeria
  68. David Pratten (2000) - Return to the Roots? Migration, Local Institutions & Development in Sudan
  69. Hannah R. Griffiths (2000) - Diverted Journeys: The Social Lives of Ghanaian Fantasy Coffins
  70. Kenneth King and Chris Martin (2000) - The Vocational School Fallacy Revisited: Education, Aspiration and Work in Ghana 1959-2000
  71. James Micklem (2001) - Sidis in Gujarat
  72. Andy Newsham (2002) - Participation: Process, Problematics and Campfire
  73. Kenneth King & Simon McGrath (Editors) (2002) - Learning-led Competitiveness: Education, Training & Enterprise in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa
  74. Alan Barnard (2003) - Diverse People Unite: Two Lectures on Khoisan Imagery and the State
  75. Rachel Hayman (2003) - Reconciling Ownership of Development and External Assistance: Aid and Nation-Building in Eritrea
  76. Robert Palmer (2004) - The Informal Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa: Unresolved Issues of Concept, Character and Measurement
  77. Joost Fontein (2004) - "Traditional Connoisseurs" of the Past: The Ambiguity of Spirit Mediums and the Performance of the Past in Southern Zimbabwe
  78. Hiroaki Izumi (2006) - Towards the Neo-Kyoto School: History and Development of the Primatological Approach of the Kyoto School in Japanese Primatology and Ecological Anthropology
  79. Daniel Hammett and Ruth Wedgewood (editors) (2005) - The Methodological Challenges of Researching Education and Skills Development in Africa
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