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Centre of African Studies: Research


Research Strategy

The Centre of African Studies (CAS) is a world leader of research on Africa. As the largest hub in Europe, CAS is a shaper of global debates and promotes the highest quality empirical and theoretical research. We are at the forefront of methodological innovation and we embed international partnerships to promote deeper, cross-cultural understanding of contemporary issues in Africa. In 2014, CAS was recognized as ‘outstanding’ in impact in the UK’s Research Excellence Framework. We will continue to push forward new rigour in how we analyse the dynamics of change in diverse contexts across Africa and beyond.

Core strategies

To achieve this aim, CAS' projects will collectively:

  • Augment its longstanding record of collaborations with African researchers, universities, civil society organizations and governments
  • Build on and share its expertise in interdisciplinary research design. We combine social, economic and cultural research in urban and rural contexts with institutional and political research that explores marginality, policy-making and power
  • Challenge conventional ways of approaching research, with a commitment to exploring diverse epistemologies, methods for data collection and new ways of engaging with research participants.

Research portfolio

These strategies are embedded in CAS’ expanding portfolio, conferring exceptional rigour in how to analyse and conceptualise the social dynamics of change in diverse societies. This encompasses: environmental and health issues in Africa; current debates about religion and civil society; historical research; the roles of technology and social media; contemporary geographical and borderland issues.

Building long-term partnerships with researchers and knowledge users in Africa is crucial for our research to continue to have meaningful impact and so we welcome expressions of interest for collaboration from people around the world.

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