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Postgraduate Swahili Courses

There are two accredited Swahili option courses at postgraduate level - Swahili 1A and Swahili 1B. 

Swahili 1A for postgraduates - (LLLJ11001)

Swahili 1A provides a contemporary, interactive, stimulating and effective introduction to the Swahili language, which is the most international and widely-spoken of all the indigenous languages on the African continent. This course is based on a newly-designed curriculum and an innovative approach to learning that seeks to link the language to 21st century East African themes, such as music, literature, social media and the environment. 

By the end of the course, students will be comfortable interacting in Swahili in everyday situations and will have a solid understanding of around 400-500 items of vocabulary, the key tenses and majority of the noun class system. Completion of the Swahili 1A will qualify students to continue onto Swahili 1B if they wish to do so, where they will have the opportunity to obtain a lower-intermediate level.

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Swahili 1B for postgraduates - (LLLJ08002)

Swahili 1B is designed to build on Swahili 1A and provides the opportunity to obtain an lower-intermediate level of the language. Students will increase their knowledge of key grammatical concepts and useful vocabulary, while also looking at relevant topics, such as entrepreneurialism, mobile banking, tourism and Tanzanian perspectives of the China-Tanzania relationship. There will also opportunities to cook and sample homemade East African dishes, watch a Kenyan film and perform an interview in Swahili. By the end of the course, students will have been provided with a solid basis for further study and/or travelling to the region for research or work. 

While the course does follow on directly from Swahili 1A, students who did not take this course will be considered, providing they are sufficiently comfortable with the grammar and vocabulary required. If you would like to enrol onto Swahili 1B, but you have not completed Swahili 1A, please contact the course convenor.

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